What was it like doing business with you yesterday?

By Caroline Hampson | Planned

An awesome experience...

Last week I was on the receiving end of an awesome customer experience, and also another customer experience that definitely let itself down despite some moments of brilliance. They were both for the same product so the likelihood is I will always favour the first business in the future. Which category would you or your business have fit into yesterday?

Take the simple task of ordering new business cards on line. Google makes it so easy for us to do all things printing on line, and there are a myriad of companies offering their services on the first page of google. If I’m honest I rarely venture beyond the first page – do you?

Not surprisingly my initial choice was a well know online print company – usually at the top of the page with promises along the lines of… “ create in minutes”…. “ easy to use design tools”…. “Absolutely guaranteed”. To be honest the experience of ordering was relatively good, not outstanding but met expectations. The first slip from awesome was when the order didn’t arrive, however the customer service via the easy to access chat was brilliant, huge apologies, sent out another order on 48 hour despatch, refund postage. The second slip from awesome came when the second order didn’t arrive. I must admit by this point it didn’t really matter what happened next my trust in their promises was slipping! A full refund but no business cards didn’t really solve my need.

Moving further down page 1 of google I found Banana print – the UK 24 hour online printing supplier.

  • Online ordering experience √ 
  • Delivery √ 
  • It arrived √

Within 48 hours and with a streak of genius on the outside of the box. Instead of a practical plain label to seal the box, a colourful, emotive label that made me smile.

That definitely sealed it for me – an awesome experience...

That experience didn’t happen by accident. Getting really clear on all the steps involved in delivering awesome; whether that be the customer journey, delivery of our business priorities or our own development is essential.

Why not take a look at what doing business with you yesterday was like – what was awesome, where did you slip a little, what does 10/10 look like and what will it take to get there.

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Caroline is coach and facilitator who has been working with companies around the world for the past 10 years. She is passionate about helping people develop outstanding leadership.

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