What could leaders learn from Our Gay Wedding?

By Caroline Hampson | Outstanding Leadership

To set the context...

My friend and I were driving along yesterday and the conversation got onto the subject of musicals. She mentioned one she’d watched some years ago celebrating one of the first gay weddings in the UK. Some minutes later, via a conversation with Google, and we had the full musical available in Daily Motion - Our Gay Wedding the musical.

It’s amazing.

Maybe an unusual choice for a leadership blog but  there were 3 key elements that I found truly inspiring through the musical and it then seemed the obvious choice for this mornings blog

1. Authenticity

A very over used word with leadership but we get the connection - it’s about bring our true selves to our leadership not being what we assume a leader should look, sound and act like. It takes courage to be ourselves, to be proud of who and what we are, to realise the value that we can bring.

Next time you hear the word authenticity take a moment to think...
What do I need to be courageous enough to bring out in me today?

2. Engage and Excite Others

It is often said that if we have no followers then we are not a leader. There can be times when we can feel very alone, that no-one is listening, even though what we have to say and share feels so important to us. That is where we need to be able to first lead ourselves; to get clear on the why, in order to build our compelling vision.

With a clear and compelling story that engages and excites us we can then take the next step to inspire others. Change happens through one or two brave souls inspiring others to join and together change happens...

What's the one message you want to inspire your people through this week?

3. Make a difference

For many people the answer to the question what do you want to do in your life is "to make a difference". How big a difference you make is frequently cited as being related to the size of your dreams. As Leaders we can make a difference to one person, and to many people every day of the week. How much of a difference did you make on Friday to the quality of the weekend each of your team have had this weekend.

Did any of them leave with worries that could have been taken away with an understanding word or two from you as their leader... How many left on a high because they felt valued and recognised by you for being their awesome selves this week... 

What's the difference you are going to make this week?

I don't know either Ben or Nathan, whose wedding was the inspiration for this blog but I have definitely added them to my list of people I would love to have a coffee with. If anyone can introduce me please do it now!

About the Author

Caroline is coach and facilitator who has been working with companies around the world for the past 10 years. She is passionate about helping people develop outstanding leadership.

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