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Have you ever had times when certain words or expressions really have an impact with you, you actually feel the physical smile coming across your face and they spark your thinking? And then there are others which lead to a slight wrinkle of the nose, or a pursing of the lips and you have to [...]

What's the true value of independence?Earlier this week I came across a Tedx talk that knocked me for six. Caroline McHugh “The art of being yourself” - it gave me goosebumps. Her theory of the I-complex and interiority was so powerful to me. A few days later a good friend shared with me another Ted [...]

I've just been made to feel I'm really Sh*t at my job..Yesterday I heard somebody say as they came out of a meeting “ I’ve just been made to feel I’m sh*t at my job”. When I hear things like that it makes me really sad and also quite angry and frustrated.Work should be a [...]

When people ask you “what’s your passion”.......  How do you react?Are you someone who has many passions and have to work out which one to talk about?Do you cringe slightly inside because you really don’t have an answer, but often think you should find one… if only to be able to answer next time someone [...]

To set the context...My friend and I were driving along yesterday and the conversation got onto the subject of musicals. She mentioned one she’d watched some years ago celebrating one of the first gay weddings in the UK. Some minutes later, via a conversation with Google, and we had the full musical available in Daily [...]

Leadership is a thing.... truth or lie?When was the last time you read something in the leadership arena that made you really question your thinking, question the authors thinking, and actually question where the real truth lay?This happened to me this weekend reading an article in HBR “ The feedback fallacy” by Marcus Buckingham and [...]

Simplicity or complexity…Which would you choose to drive the pace of progress?When was the last time you sat back and thought “ how on earth has it taken me so long to complete that – it seemed so simple before I started!” That was me this morning. Then out of nowhere the phrase popped into [...]

10 Leadership lessons...Observations from working with Outstanding Leaders across the world over the last ten years.It was 10 years ago today that I set off on this journey as a self-employed coach and facilitator working with individuals and teams across the world. It is proving to be an incredible journey of discovery and learning - [...]