About Leadership Spark

Having worked for 10 years as a coach and facilitator for teams around the world I get to see the impact that outstanding leadership has on people and their performance.  It takes time and investment to develop Outstanding Leadership and that is why Leadership Spark is here... a community and a resource run by me, Caroline Hampson, providing you with easy to access activities, ideas and insights that will help you develop leadership skills in yourself, your team or the teams you work with.

Who​ is Caroline Hampson

"Let me tell you a bit about me and why I do this...

For 20 years I worked for an amazing company Mars Confectionery, a company which I don’t think I truly appreciated until I left!

They most definitely made me the person I am today and if you cut me in half I think you would still see that chocolate runs through my veins. They also gave me the opportunity to do what I do today, and have been doing with a passion for the last 10 years, which is working with teams and individuals across amazing companies such as Danone, Levis, Mars, Aldi, AkzoNobel, NIHR, to name a few - working with them to develop the behaviours and ways of working that drive high performance and high engagement

why do I do what I do?

One person can’t change the qua​​​​lity of leadership but one person can start the conversation that creates a movement that will chang​​​​e the quality of leadership… one conversation at a time

I have always had a fascination in what drives people, how do some people seem to achieve greater potential than others. This led to a year-long study and the publication of a book in 2011.

The book, however was simply a beginning and my work since then has made me realise the significant impact leadership has on performance.

Tickover or Takeoff Book Cover Art

I am sure you can think of times when you have been inspired, you’ve achieved more than you thought possible and you’ve enjoyed the journey. Sometimes that was supported by outstanding leadership from others, sometimes from outstanding leadership from yourself.

Some months ago I was working within a client’s organisation and I kept hearing people talk about a particular person in a way that I don’t hear very often in my world of leadership coaching and development

Everyon​​​​​e deserves Outstanding Leadership … and it happens one conversation at a time

People were either feeling it a privilege to have worked with this individual or they were excited about the thought of being led by them.

When I probed why, it wasn’t one clear response that came back but a combination of elements which together demonstrated this person showed outstanding leadership in whichever conversation they were in at the time.

Around the same time both my daughters were starting out in their full-time careers, excited and apprehensive in equal measure. They would be working for a long time, excited to bring the best version of themselves to work everyday, apprehensive about how to make that happen day in day out.

This is why I decided to build Leadership Spark, a space where conversations happen, a space that helps us learn how to have the conversations every day that drive outstanding leadership…

Where do You Come In?

One person can’t change the quality of leadership… but together we can build a movement that does…. Are you​​​​ in?