Welcome to Leadership S.P.A.R.K.

A digital leadership toolkit - Thought provoking, downloadable activities to drive high performance in individuals and teams

We all know that effective and inspiring leadership builds highly engaged, high performing teams who  deliver better business results, higher staff retention, reduced absence rates....

However in today's always on world it can be difficult to find the time, the ideas and the budget to support and build the Outstanding Leadership capability we know people deserve

That’s why Leadership Spark is here...

We have taken the top 25 leadership activities, created 25 inspiring & practical tools and resources to use with your team or in individual coaching sessions.

Tools that provide you with activities that drive impactful conversations, build trust, drive effective behaviours.

Tools that bring the creativity and inspiration that you would expect from an expert facilitator in an easy to use format you can simply download and use today.

Why S.P.A.R.K....

because our experience shows  that Outstanding Leadership grows one conversation at a time, and

those leadership conversations can be seen to fall into 5 conversation elements;

Spontaneous, Planned, Accountable, Reflective and Key

Continue reading to hear more about those 5 elements or go and explore the spark card collection to see how activities like "Awesome Performance"  or "Super Powers - What's on your t-shirt" can help build Outstanding Leadership for you and your organisation today.



These are the ones that happen in meetings, going up escalators, in the lift or whilst having a coffee. The ones where you know there’s an opportunity but often you realise you didn’t make the most of it. It could be with a boss who you want to walk away thinking this person knows what they’re talking about, it could be with a colleague who could do with some support, or with one of your team who’d love to share with you what they’re up to. They may be spontaneous but their success comes from the thought that's gone on beforehand.



These are the ones that you feel you should be good at because you know what’s involved.
But it takes both confidence, experience and skill to get the best out of them. All of these take time to build and develop, they need us to be self aware and to understand what makes others tick, they need us to be clear on what success looks like and how we’re going to get there.



These can be inspiring or challenging or both in equal measure. They are the ones that can really shift the needle in terms of performance and progress. We need to have them with ourselves as much as with other people. They can build trust and commitment or they can test it depending on how we approach the conversation.



We may not always think of these as conversations. They can be discussions that happen as a team, they can be individual reflections, or they may be activities that help our perspective shift and grow. They are often the ones that we don’t make time for because we are too busy “doing. “



I’m sure we’ve all been there, finding ourselves in a situation or about to go into something where we know the conversation we need to have but we’re not quite sure how to have it. These are the crucial conversations that can go spectacularly right or quite the reverse.
They are also the conversations that if we have had them in the right way at the right time provide clarity, direction and energy that drive performance and ensure our engagement.